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Multimedia Designer with a passion for animation


This project was my second semester eksam project for the company Reuse. My primary focus was the codeing. In a team of 5 people me and one other person from the team took care of the code and after we were done with the mock ups for the design of the website. This project was developed within a month, within this period of time were we designing and communicating with the company to get their feedback though out the development of the website

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This project was created for a project about social media. The task was to create content for the company. In this case was I the one behind this post on the left. This post was created in photoshop. Beside this poster our group made a video for the company and other postes.

Mapping Case

The mapping project had to be done within 2 days. The task was to pick a movie and with mapbox were we to create a map with hte theme of the movie and afterwards implement the map in our HTML. Then the location of some of the scenes from the movie were pinpointed and showed on the map.
I picked the first Sherlock Holmes movie and added more features to my project.

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This was my first photoshop image. The task was to take a book cover and re-design it.

Photo shop isn' t my strongest side, but it is something I'm trying to improve on.


This project was based on the task to do a web applictaion. So Eggciting is a progressive web application and only created for phone. The purpose of the application is to help users to boil their eggs. There are both preset and custom time settings equal to the size of the egg the user wants to boil. This is still very must a prototype, so there will be elements there aren’t working properly. This project is best showen in phone size browser.

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The Grundfos project was a non-coding project. We were to creative a interactive prototype using either Adobe XD, or Figma we chose Figma because we were all able to work on the project at the same time, like in google docs. The task was to combine two of Grundfos features in one web solution. We chose to make a web application with a seamless experience across all platforms.

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Who am I ?

I'm a student at Eaaa (Erhvervsakadami Aarhus), I'm in my third semester and looking for an internshib for my last semester. I have a good amount of experience with HTML, CSS and I'm starting to learn more and more Javascript. I'm very fond of animation and using animation in my designs.

My current goal is to make 3d animations with Javascript and use it to create new unseen designs

If you have any questions or just want to get in touch with me, use one of the options below and I'll get back to you right away. I'm Looking forward to hear from you.

- Mathias Thrane Kristensen

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